Job Seekers is currently developing its CV and Resume writer which will allow you to create customised CV's and keep track of all your applications.


You will be able to quickly produce highly effective bespoke consultant profiles which match your achievements to those required, and track your applications and contacts.

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The CV writer and application tracker is currently being developed and will be available shortly. Register your e-mail if you would like to know when it is available

Job Hunting

Looking for a new job can be a pretty stressful time, yet it is important to keep focused and upbeat.  This article on job search gives a useful 'top 10' for stress free job search.

Interview Preparation

Improve your interview success by thinking about the type of questions that you might be asked and doing some interview practice - read more here about recruitment interviews.

CV, Resume and Career Profile Writer is a CV, Resume and Career Profile assembler and job application tracking system which allows you to 'assemble to order' the elements of a top quality CV and cover letter - which is customised for the specific job. It also allows you to keep track of applications, store contact details and manage your ‘to do list’.

This is also a valuable tool for consultants who need to prepare profiles for clients focusing on different skill areas depending on the contract opportunity.

The CV writer and application tracker is currently being developed and will be available shortly.

Why use a CV, Resume and Career Profile Writer?

When you apply for a job or piece or work the decision maker (agency, HR or line manager, contractor) is looking for evidence of your suitability for the position - for examples of relevant knowledge, achievements, responsibilities and competencies.  The more you can help them make the connection between what you have done and what they are looking for - through both your CV and cover letter - the better your chances of success.

Best use of your CV, resume and Career Profile 

Each element of your application, cover letter and CV or Resume is important.

Use your cover letter to specifically state how your experience and achievements fit the requirements of the position you are applying for.  Draw the connections for them.

In addition to the use of action words - delivered, lead, saved - match these to the qualities being sought through the job description – using resonance like this will draw the readers attention to your CV.

Customise your CV so that the examples you use are relevant to the particular position that you are interested in.

Managing your Applications

Keep track of what you have sent to whom and when.  This is particularly important if you are customising your CV and cover letter since you will want to remind yourself of the achievements you have highlighted prior to interview.  For freelancers/contractors/consultants the CV element of the job pitch is generally more of a one page profile – where the selection of examples is even more critical and must clearly reflect the contract you are hoping to win. Sometimes this is also accompanied by a CV giving more detail and background.

Note: the word CV is used on this site to reduce repetition but should be read to mean resume and profile as well as CV.  See also the section on the difference between a CV and resume.  Note also that the CV writer allows fully customised CVs, resumes and profiles.