Job Seekers is currently developing its CV and Resume writer which will allow you to create customised CV's and keep track of all your applications.


You will be able to quickly produce highly effective bespoke consultant profiles which match your achievements to those required, and track your applications and contacts.

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Job Hunting

Looking for a new job can be a pretty stressful time, yet it is important to keep focused and upbeat.  This article on job search gives a useful 'top 10' for stress free job search.

Interview Preparation

Improve your interview success by thinking about the type of questions that you might be asked and doing some interview practice - read more here about recruitment interviews.

Benefits of tools

Best practice dictates that your CV and cover letter should be carefully matched to the job.  This requires considerable preparation and re-formatting.  Using an automated CV writer can be the perfect solution.

Key benefits of using a CV writer/assembler include:

  • One-off set up allowing you to ensure everything is covered
  • Ability to assemble a CV ‘to order’ which increases your chance of being seen as a good fit for the job
  • Matching your CV and cover letter to the specific job is the best way to distinguish yourself from other candidates with a standard CV where relevant achievements may be harder to spot
  • Quick and simple production of CV covering letters which can be easily customised for a range of different situations.
  • Producing a many CVs as you wish using as many different styles as you wish.
  • Speed
  • Full customisation

This is also a valuable tool for consultants who need to prepare profiles for clients focusing on different skill areas depending on the contract opportunity.

When you are applying for jobs (either during a focused period or more casually) it is important to know what jobs you applied for and exactly what you said to each.  Job hunting can involve quite a number of applications.  Managing this on line makes things much simpler, saves paper and increases accuracy.  As a consultant/freelancer/contractor this is something you need to do all the time.

Benefits of the application tracker include:

  • Ability to store all the information in one place including job details, employer details, contact person details, application events and history
  • Tracking the progress of all your applications
  • Keeping contact details are in one easy to use format
  • Linking all relevant information
  • Knowing if you have contacted them before – which helps with congruence
  • Keeping notes about your applications and outcomes
  • Having a reminder system for key actions
  • Quickly produce detailed reports

Using master letters can sometimes lead to errors where you forget to change the company name or job title. 

Benefits of combining CV and cover letter writer with an
application tracker include:

  • Error elimination
  • Greater efficiency – for example, only typing in the name and address once
  • Keeping track of what you have sent where (vital if you get to the next stage)
  • Monitoring your progress banner - CV and resume writer and application tracker